Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Last night while comfortably snuggled up with my sweetie watching tv something bit my belly and when I jumped up to brush whatever it was that so rudely bit me I was bit again, this time on my pinky finger.  I was outraged and each bite burned for some time afterwards.  I didn't know what it was that bit me and after searching the floor nearby I found the offending insect.  It was an ant so large I could practically make out an expression on it's mean little face.  Steve smashed the ant into a smear on the tile floor.  He's my hero.

We were relaxing after coming back from a short trip to South Africa.  The trip was to renew Steve's Gabonese pilot's license and of course one has to travel to South Africa to renew a Gabonese license... it makes perfect sense...  We were a long way from Libreville while in South Africa, not just in distance but in almost every possible way.  From driving on the opposite side of the roads to the roads themselves, the largest being 12 lanes of smooth pavement lined with bright lights at night.  Malls and movies and restaurants and gently rolling hills marked the way as we rolled along in our little rented jellybean of a car.  Beautiful blue skies filled with billowy white clouds reminded us of Texas skies, as living in Libreville so close to the ocean, our skies are either clear or cloudy, not with billows, light and dark colors marking dimension.

We even made it on our last night to the theater to see the Phantom of the Opera.  It was a great show with a packed house.  We bought our tickets just hours before the show so the only seats available were balcony seats and our sales lady gave us tickets marked "Mr. and Mrs. VIP".  It's nice to be recognized as such from time to time.

We have been so busy lately with travels and will be traveling again on Thursday to Bongolo for a prayer retreat with our team there.  I am looking forward to that time and just a week after that our kiddos are coming to Gabon with another family.  We will be vacationing together at the beach shack vacation spot three and a half hours south of Bongolo lovingly known as Panga.

I will try to be better about posting blogs.  It seems with so much going on my time to blog and digest is fleeting.  I will end with a few quotes I've read lately that are ruminating in my head and heart.

"Our culture worships at the feet of pleasure.  As we "shovel it in," we can become desensitized to our needs - the real hungers in our lives.  - Hollow Sacrifice, Eileen Button

"Help us to want what we need... You
                                                      and may the altar of or hearts tremble with delight at your visitation
                                                                                                                                    - Frederick Ohler

"The noise of arrogance and anxiety deafens the call to lean on the everlasting arms." - Karen Sloan

"God's love is meteoric,
  his loyalty astronomic,
  His purpose titanic,
  his verdicts oceanic.
 Yet in his largeness nothing gets lost;
  Not a man, not a mouse slips through the cracks."  - Psalm 36  The Message

"Earth is drenched in God's affectionate satisfaction."  Psalm 33 The Message


Olivia Joy said...

Phantom of the Opera in South Africa is SO MUCH COOLER than in NYC!! Have a great time with the kids! :) xo

Christina said...

I miss your blogs! So glad to have an update! Hope you are all doing well :-) Miss you guys!