Monday, May 7, 2012

Life lately...

I've been memorizing Romans 12: 1-2 and focusing on the renewing of my mind, asking God to transform my thought patterns.  Robert S. Miller echos my prayers in saying, "I asked God to deliver me from looping thoughts that were leading me around the same mountain and filling me with heaviness and despair."  Since my epiphany I have been steadfast in praying and seeking after God with an attitude of surrender and acceptance.  It has brought a new level of peace.  

In other news I am missing my kiddos with an aching longing.  I got to speak with Joe for 88 minutes the other day and it was glorious, I used nearly $40.00 in phone credit but it was well worth it.  With their busy school schedules and power outages and internet issues talking with them can be challenging.  I am proud of my kids and the way they are thriving in Cameroon.  Their school and hostel are providing great opportunities of growth and care.  Even though Steve and I aren't with Joe, Meg and Sam in their day to day, they are thriving.  God is teaching me how to parent from a distance and stay connected.  It is not easy but then again anything of true worth is never easy.

It is nearing the end of rainy season here in Gabon and with that the skies have opened up pouring forth rain in great big precipitous glory.  The kind of rain that instantly soaks accompanied by the deep rumbling thunder and flashes of lightning strobing in the distance.  It is exciting, inviting us into a drama playing out in the night skies.  I love falling asleep to the sound of the rain splattering against the tin roof.  After a soaking rain the skies seem wiped clean and the air is filled with that unique after rain scent, everything is shining and sparkling with clarity.  Living so close to the rain forest is truly spectacular staring the color green as it is displayed in a spectrum of vibrant hues.  I am thankful for the color green and growth and lush foliage.  God is good.

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